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How can we ski and where can we ski this season - 2023?

It has been an up and down year with respect to the situation of covid 19, in summer a lot of restrictions were removed but the last couple of weeks we saw the numbers and measures rise again. But there are promising signs in the coming weeks with respect to ski area's opening up. 
One of the industries that had a very bad hit last year due to Covid was the skiing industry. Almost all the skiing resorts and places were closed last season across the world. However, the situation is much better this year and looks like the season is going to kickstart again after an unsatisfactory last season.

It is said that a lot of ski areas are set to open anytime in the next few weeks. However, there are some ski areas that are already open for the 2021-2022 season. Few of the first ski areas to open for the 2021-2022 season are in Iran and Kazakhstan and the United States. Most of the ski resorts are already open in these 3 countries and people have already started getting on the slopes.

The majority of the ski areas in Europe, the United States of America and Canada still remain closed. However, very few ski areas are open already in France, Austria, Germany and in Finland. Most of the ski resorts and ski areas are set to open by end of November end or by 2nd week of December across the world. Due to the current situation, it is very hard to predict the future but we can expect a lot of rules and regulations that must be followed in different countries.

Countries like Austria and Germany have stricken their rules and regulations as the cases have been increasing in both countries. It is believed that skiers who are fully vaccinated or recovered can only enter the ski area. Carrying out a negative test result is not enough but there are chances that these regulations could possibly be less strict or eradicated in the future. 

The French government have not told anything about being vaccinated fully in order to access the ski area yet but they had told that everyone must wear a mask in the lifts or when they are standing in a queue. We can expect further information in the upcoming weeks on how the season would like in France. 

A lot of ski areas in Italy is already open and most of them are going to open anytime in the upcoming weeks. All the skiers must hold the country’s green pass and also wear FFP2 standard or a strong mask in order to get to the slopes. 

Several resorts in Canada like Revelstoke, Grouse Mountain and many more resorts have notified that all the skiers must be fully vaccinated in order to get on the slopes this season.
About 75 areas in the Quebec province’s ski association also said that all the skiers must be fully vaccinated as it is in line with their health guidance. It is very much clear that you must be completely vaccinated in order to get on the slopes and ski in Canada. 

There are about 7 ski resorts that are already open in the United States. Most of them are open in Colorado which is one of the most famous places to ski in the US. The Ski resorts in The USA have decided to avoid large crowds and maintain social distancing. All the ski resorts have limited the number of guests allowed on the slopes. All the guests must purchase their tickets/pass online and this is done to avoid gatherings of many people at the same time. Most of the resorts notified that the skiers must be fully vaccinated in order to purchase their passes online and if they are not vaccinated, it will not be possible to buy the pass. If you want to ski in the United States of America, it is better to be fully vaccinated and start planning in advance to secure your ski passes. 

With all this being said, we can conclude that skiing this year is going to be possible for people who are fully vaccinated or recovered in different countries and we wish you the best in finding the most suitable ski area.