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Skiing in French Alps must be there on your agenda.

One of the most famous winter sports is skiing and the best country in the world is France when it comes to skiing. There are different places in France to ski and one of the best places to ski is the Alps which is situated in France. The mountains look beautiful covered with snow and interlaced with evergreen trees. France is considered to have one of the best snows in the world and also one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. France is considered as a home for skiing as they have one of the largest skiing places in the world which are  3 Vallées, Portes du Soleil, and Paradiski. These three places offer immense skiing opportunities.

One of the popular sport in France is skiing and it is said that Britishers prefer to ski and snowboard in France. Last year about, 40% of British skiers and snowboarders picked France as their go-to destination. The Britishers also love France because it is close to the United Kingdom and most of the places to ski are easily accessible by Cars, flights, trains and they also have amazon ski resorts to accommodate the people. One of the main reasons the Britishers enjoy skiing is because of the beautiful mountain villages that enable you to experience the essence of real France.

France is considered to have one of the most number skiing resorts in the world. They have about 317 resorts across France and these ski resorts contribute a lot to the economy of the country. There has been a significant increase in revenue in this sector since 2000 and in 2018, they generated about 1.5 billion Euros. In France, there are about 8,574 skiers and it is also said that there are more than 55 million people that visited France between 2018-2019.

France is also quite famous for hosting skiing competitions regularly. They organize different competitions throughout the year and all the athletes come from different countries to compete in these competitions. France not only organizes competitions for the professionals, they also organize some fun competitions for the amateurs which makes skiing even more special in France.

Due to the pandemic, there were a lot of restrictions and the industry had a major hit last season. However, the situation is so much better this year across the world and we hope to see the industry back to its best and see you on the slopes this season.