At SnowVision, we intagrate the glasses into the goggles directly that allows you to wear the goggles much more comfortable. 

Find out our four pillars


All-weather Goggle 

Whether it is snowing heavily or the sun is shining brightly, SnowVision Goggles are designed for all condiitons. it has photochromic lenses which means it can adapt to the light intensity 


Innovative Solution 

The technology that is being used in this goggle is unique and therefore offers an alternative to people with glasses on the ski slopes 


Trained laboratoires

Since we want to offer the best optical product on the market, we only cooperate with laboratoires that has qualified optician.
This is a 100% guarentee. 


Experienced Partners 

In our collaboraion for producing our goggle, we coorporate with the most experienced companies in Italy. They have a combined experience over a century in producing ski goggles and helped us creating the optical range. 

A solution for great vision when you need your glasses on the slope.

Feedback from independent reviewers

"Finally prescription optical ski goggles with built-in varifocal lenses that avoid the nightmare of misting and fogging up by not using stand-alone optical frame inserts"
Style Altitude

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“Fogged lenses are a thing of the past with SnowVision goggles. You just have a good double lens so fogged lenses no longer occur, even if you stand still or if you do not ski very hard. That is really a huge plus of these goggles!”

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