The best solution for prescription glasses on the ski slope

Snowvision ski goggle have integrated prescription glasses, that will take away all the problems on the ski slope. 

- Stable clear view
- Fog-Free assured!
- Wide optical range

No more problems with unclear vision on skislopes

Snowvision ski goggle have integrated prescription glasses, that will take away all the problems on the ski slope.
 - Stable clear view
 - Fog-Free assured!
 - Wide optical range  
Free Shipping
Biggest optical range : +9 to -9
Fast delivery : 3 - 10 working days

Feedback from reviewers

"Finally prescription optical ski goggles with built-in varifocal lenses that avoid the nightmare of misting and fogging up by not using stand-alone optical frame inserts"
Gavin - Independent reviewer

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“Fogged lenses are a thing of the past with SnowVision goggles. You just have a good double lens so fogged lenses no longer occur, even if you stand still or if you do not ski very hard. That is really a huge plus of these goggles!”
Rogier - Independent reviewer

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  • zwart
  • Blauw
  • Ski goggles with integrated strenght glasses
  • Fog-Free assured, thanks to our dubble lens system
  • Photochromatic lens
  • Best tested product of 2021

The SnowVision goggle explained!

In this video, we are explaining the technology behind our prescription goggle. 

Why Snowvision

Stable sharp view
As your glasses are fixed inside the goggle, and so is your focus point, you will enjoy a stable sharp view.
Fog-free assured!
Forget about shaking up your google, the unclear sight and move safely on the snow. With the patented double lens solution, fog can not get into the lenses.  
Wide optical range
SnowVision offers a made to order, unifocal, multifocal goggle with integrated prescription ranging from -9 (myopia) to +9 (hyperopia), the largest available range currently on the market worldwide. This means that almost anyone with glasses can wear the SnowVision goggle.


  1. What is the delivery time approximately?
    Average delivery time for EU is 1 week Average delivery time for the US is 2 weeks Depending on your prescription. Time indication only applicable for unifocal glasses within standard range +-6 and cylinder +-2
  2. Where can I find the prescription for my snow goggle lenses? 
    When ordering you ski or snowboard goggles on SnowVision we need your latest optical prescription. If it has been a while since you had a prescription or if you are not sure which strengths you need, we recommend that you get a new prescription from your ophthalmologist or optician. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your SnowVision goggles for a long time to come.  
  3. Why is a SnowVision snow goggle so unique?
    The technology we use at SnowVision is unique. Therefore it offers a great alternative to people with glasses who go skiing. The reason why our goggle is unique is because it is integrated into the snow goggle. This means it is not a clips or insert. Instead the goggle is made with a double lens system of which the second lens is also a holder for the optical correction. The double lens system also decreases the likelihood of fogging since an isolation layer of air is formed between the outside and inside of the goggle. Furthermore it is unique concept since it comes towards the eye and decreases the distance to your glasses. This is also one of the reasons why our optical range is so big (+8 to -8).  
  4. Do you make the Ottho ski goggles with bifocal or progressive lenses?
    Both bifocal and progressive lenses are possible with our goggle! This is because our holder is shaped like a frame for glasses. Both of these lenses can be very hand if you still want to read your plan or the messages on your phone. 

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Detail of our goggle

How our SnowVision goggle is built

Photochromic lens

Whether it is snowing heavily or the sun is shining is bright, all SnowVision ski goggles are designed for all types of conditions. 


World’s first prescription ski goggles that don't fog up whenever you are on the slopes which makes skiing much easier.


Pure comfort 

Every ski goggle is custom made, which means it offers the best possible optical solution. The glasses will be integrated directly into the goggle with your prescription and the goggles will be made accordingly.

Practical first

Saving time. You won't have to take all your glasses with you, one model that fits all circumstances. 

What is on the inside? 

No inserts. No moving. Always seeing clear.

You do not need to wear glasses and goggles together anymore while being on the slopes. At SnowVision, your glasses can be integrated into the goggles directly with an optical range from -9.00 (myopia) to + 9.00 (hyperopia). This means that almost anyone with glasses can wear the SnowVision goggle.

Fixed focal point 

The built-in lenses won't move and are adjusted on your personal information. That leads to an optimal viewing experience. 


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SnowVision vs the others