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Skibril op sterkte
Anti mist
Fotochromatische lens
Best getest 2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
dean gagnon

Excellent service. The folks at snowvision went above and beyond to get the Google’s to me. The goggles are really good, it is so nice to be able to see clearly when skiing. I think the goggles fog up a bit quicker than my previous goggles, but they de-fog almost instantly when there is a bit of airflow through the goggle. I am 100% happy and recommend these goggles.

Peter Poon from Vancouver
Nice snow goggle for snowboarding

I tried today at Cypress with zero degree and sunshine. It didn't get foggy and could keep my vision clear even I took off for a while and wore it again. It is a perfect goggle for someone wearing glasses but cannot wear contact lens.

Kay Lamers
Magnus goggle with prescription

The best snowboard experience I've had, clear sharp sight. The photochromatic lens adapts to the light intensity and even under foggy weather the lenses stay absolutely clear while moving down the slopes, another good investment in good equipment.

Kristopher Kest
Great product

I was very pleased with my Snow Vision goggles. The corrective lenses worked perfectly and my vision was crisp. The customer service was fantastic.

Glenn Deckers
Perfect goggle for prescription

The ski goggles are really perfect, they don't fume constantly and skiing from clouds to full sun and then back to clouds/fog is no problem at all. No more hassle with changing prescription glasses or choosing the right lens in the ski goggles.

Smooth and clear communication when purchasing and shipping.

  • What is the delivery time approximately?

    The average delivery time for EU is 1 week.
    The average delivery time for the US is 2 weeks.
    Depending on your prescription. Time indication only applicable for unifocal glasses within standard range +-6 and cylinder +-2

  • What is the difference between the Ottho and Magnus goggles?

    The difference is in a couple of elements. The Magnus is a bigger frame and our newer generation goggles. It has a triple-layer foam at the face instead of the 1 layer foam of the Ottho. Next to that the ventilation holes are bigger so more fresh air comes in. Concerning the prescription glasses, the distance towards the eyes is the same in the Ottho vs. the Magnus. So there will be in the visual aspect no difference, however, the lens used in Magnus is a newer generation one.

The snowvision goggle explained

  • Stable sharp view

    As your glasses are fixed inside the goggle, and so is your focus point, you will enjoy a stable sharp view.

  • Fog-free assured!

    Forget about shaking up your google, the unclear sight and move safely on the snow. With the patented double lens solution, fog can not get into the lenses.  

  • Wide optical range

    SnowVision offers a made to order, unifocal, multifocal goggle with integrated prescription ranging from -9 (myopia) to +9 (hyperopia), the largest available range currently on the market worldwide. This means that almost anyone with glasses can wear the SnowVision goggle.

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