Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus Black
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus Blue
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus Black
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus Blue
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus

  • Black
  • Blue
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Why buy from us?

What if we say we have created a goggle that

  1. Covers all your vision needs giving you a crystal-clear view
  2. Doesn't fog up, so you can see perfectly and ski safely
  3. Allows you to ski in all weather conditions without needing to change lens
  4. Looks good on you giving you a snug fit, and is comfortable to wear
  5. Has fast delivery and a free shipping ( EU )
  6. Has a 60 Days Return Policy which no customer has returned before
Don't just take our word for it; see what our customers have to say

Our Reviews Product Reviews
I have a difficult prescription with a progressive lens and I was honestly worried that these goggles would not meet my expectations. I have always had difficulty with inserts in the past with fogging problems. Well when I received the goggles I could see right away that my vision was great and the goggles were of high quality. I used them the last 2 days on the slopes for the first time and I could see perfectly with no fogging issues. I’m very happy with the purchase and would recommend these goggles highly to anyone looking for this type of product. The ordering process was quite easy as well. Thanks Wim!


These are probably one of the best value ski items I have ever purchased. If you’ve tried and failed with prescription inserts and ski goggles - I strongly recommend you give these a try. In 8 days on the mountain fogging was minimal - the only time I did experience it was when normal goggles were fogging up at the same time. Given the chance I would purchase again.

James Fleming

Apart from the fact that these goggles are amazing and allowed my son to ski daily with no fogging and great vision - this company went above and beyond to help him get them in time for his vacation. Sent them direct to the hotel and made sure they arrived in time for him. Blown away by their efficiency and service.

Kim Rankin

I can’t say enough great things about these goggles. I wear glasses for distance vision and up to this point had never been able to solve the problem of my goggles fogging up. I must have tried a dozen different sprays, and I even tried a pair of goggles with a tiny integrated fan. Nothing worked adequately. I had no fogging issues with the Magnus goggles and the corrective lenses worked great. They are amazing!!!

Marc M

Excellent Product + Excellent Quality! After years of struggling with poorly fitting OTG goggles which uncomfortably pressed my prescription glasses against my face and fogged up to the point of blindness, I was so happy to discover Snowvision's Magnus goggle with prescription. The customer service experience (with Wim) was enjoyable because all my questions/requests were answered in a timely and professional manner. Each and every day that I use these goggles - I feel like I am skiing with Super SnowVision!

Tessie Che

I used these prescription goggles for the first time this week in Utah and was very happy with them. Conditions included mainly cloudy skies, snow showers, a powder day with heavy snow, and a blue bird day. The goggles handled the varied conditions beautifully. I especially like that the prescription is integrated with the goggle lens (unlike my previous goggles, which had a prescription insert). My vision through the goggles was excellent , and there was no fogging with good airflow. The goggles are also very comfortable, although toward the end of a ski day I experienced mild discomfort in the bridge area but this might well be because of the shape of my nose! Finally, the ordering and delivery process was very smooth. In sum, I highly recommend these goggles.

Jai C

These goggles completely changed skiing for me. With inserts I was constantly having fog problems, but since buying these goggles I have never had a problem with fog. Our dog chewed the strap on my first pair just a couple weeks before a big ski trip and the owner of the company expedited my order for a new one. Highly recommended!

Ora John

Detail of our goggle

How our SnowVision goggle is built

Photochromic lens

Whether it is snowing heavily or the sun is shining is bright, all SnowVision ski goggles are designed for all types of conditions. 


World’s first prescription ski goggles that don't fog up whenever you are on the slopes which makes skiing much easier.


Pure comfort 

Every ski goggle is custom made, which means it offers the best possible optical solution. The glasses will be integrated directly into the goggle with your prescription and the goggles will be made accordingly.

Practical first

Saving time. You won't have to take all your glasses with you, one model that fits all circumstances. 


  1. Can you get prescription ski goggles?
    Yes, you can! The difficulty for prescription ski goggles is that while normal glasses are straight a ski goggle is curved. Our prescription ski goggles are unique in that sense since they are integrated in the interior lens of the ski goggle. This means that it does not work with an insert. The way we tackle this curvature is by having a 3D-shaped holder that brings the optical glasses towards the eye while also making them stand straight with respect to the eyes. In contrast to other solutions that work with an insert.  
  2. Where can I find the prescription for my snow goggle lenses? 
    When ordering you ski or snowboard goggles on SnowVision we need your latest optical prescription. If it has been a while since you had a prescription or if you are not sure which strengths you need, we recommend that you get a new prescription from your ophthalmologist or optician. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your SnowVision goggles for a long time to come.  
  3. Why is a SnowVision snow goggle so unique?
    The technology we use at SnowVision is unique. Therefore it offers a great alternative to people with glasses who go skiing. The reason why our goggle is unique is because it is integrated into the snow goggle. This means it is not a clips or insert. Instead the goggle is made with a double lens system of which the second lens is also a holder for the optical correction. The double lens system also decreases the likelihood of fogging since an isolation layer of air is formed between the outside and inside of the goggle. Furthermore it is unique concept since it comes towards the eye and decreases the distance to your glasses. This is also one of the reasons why our optical range is so big (+8 to -8).  
  4. Do you make the Ottho ski goggles with bifocal or progressive lenses?
    Both bifocal and progressive lenses are possible with our goggle! This is because our holder is shaped like a frame for glasses. Both of these lenses can be very hand if you still want to read your plan or the messages on your phone. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Rebecca Bold (Chingford, GB)
Great goggles and fast helpful service

These goggles are fantastic and made such a difference to our holiday. My daughter is very short sighted but hates wearing glasses under her goggles and I struggle with contact lenses. With these goggles we had exactly the same vision as wearing glasses but with none of the discomfort and zero fogging. The customer service is exceptional as well. You won’t be disappointed!

John Mullen (Dublin, IE)
Happy Customer

Superb service, prompt delivery and an excellent product. Thank you.

Fred Peet (Knoxville, US)
Thank you!

Goggles worked exactly as your website describes. Being able to ski clearly makes such a big difference with my skiing. I’m in the United States and they arrived in just a few days after ordering.

Richard Saunders (Rockville, US)

without these googles I have a very difficult time skiing. This is my second pair and so far they are great

Leslie C. Nichols (Mountain View, US)
Prescription Ski Goggle

Very responsive to my questions. Immediate follow up. Very quick delivery. I can hardly wait to try them this season!