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Étui rigide

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Etui rigide Goggles Box pour protéger vos lunettes des rayures pendant le transport. 

  • Matériau de haute qualité – Fabriqué en EVA dur et matériau intérieur souple pour protéger le ski, le motocross, le snowboard, la neige ou tout autre type de masque
  • Beaucoup d'espace interne – En raison du grand volume de l'étui, tout type de masque s'adapte, il a donc une compatibilité universelle
  • Facilement transportable – L'article est conçu avec un crochet qui peut être attaché à la lixiviation ou à tout type de matériau.
  • Fermeture éclair robuste et lisse – La fermeture éclair de la boîte est conçue pour offrir une ouverture et une fermeture en douceur tout en étant suffisamment robuste pour supporter une ouverture et une fermeture fréquentes.
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Customer Reviews

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Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Walter H. (Wellesley, US)
Excellent Solution after a Long Search

I am near-sighted. Skiing with prescription sunglasses on clear sunny days was an easy fix to my near-sightedness. But my skiing vision in windy/snowy/in-cloud skiing was a problem as the only solution was fogged eyeglasses worn under my goggles. A collision with a tree while glade skiing set me on the search for better vision. At first I was happy with the solution of wearing contact lenses under my goggles; although taking the lenses on & off was a chore especially on-mountain in busy bathrooms. Not to mention I could not read trail maps and menus without removing the contacts. But the bigger problem was my double vision which contact lenses cannot correct. It became increasingly difficult to read snow conditions on those windy/snowy/in-cloud days. After a long search I arrived at Snowvision. Success! Snowvision's prescription goggle lenses correct my nearsightedness AND include prisms that correct the double vision. A week of hard skiing in Vail this past January put them to the test. While skiing in windy/snowy/in-cloud conditions I could precisely read the oncoming snow conditions. In hot & sweaty, lower-speed woods & glades skiing, there was not a hint of fogging in the Snowvision goggles. The performance of the Magnus Goggle with Prescription was nothing short of excellent! Thank you Wim.

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Pauline Kloeze (Maastricht, NL)
Eindelijk helder zicht

Super blij met mijn nieuwe skibril met ingebouwde bril op sterkte. Ook bij bewolkt weer super goed zicht. Mee kleurend met het weer. En niet beslagen. Maakte echt veel verschil! Dank ook voor de snelle en vriendelijke service!

Excellent Purchase

I have a difficult prescription with a progressive lens and I was honestly worried that these goggles would not meet my expectations. I have always had difficulty with inserts in the past with fogging problems. Well when I received the goggles I could see right away that my vision was great and the goggles were of high quality. I used them the last 2 days on the slopes for the first time and I could see perfectly with no fogging issues. I’m very happy with the purchase and would recommend these goggles highly to anyone looking for this type of product. The ordering process was quite easy as well. Thanks Wim!

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Erwin Tak (Bergen op Zoom, NL)
Voor het eerst geskied zonder beperkingen!

Echt een hele fijne bril! Voor het eerst geen gedoe gehad met brillen die aanslaan. De bril zit heel comfortabel en ik zie alles haarscherp.
Tevens werd de bril snel geleverd. Aanrader dus!

Ski Goggle - Magnus
Leendert D. (Wilrijk, BE)
Great goggles

I really like these goggles. They do not get fogged, have a snug fit with my helmet. On top of that, they even look great. I can really recommend these.

Ski Goggle - Magnus
Toon Nieboer (Amsterdam, NL)
Heerlijke bril!

Prima zicht op de pistes met hoog contrast. Daarnaast zit hij ook erg comfortabel en beslaat niet. Een aanrader!

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Eduard Trouwborst (Rijswijk, NL)
Magnus skibril op sterkte

Een uitstekende vervanger voor mijn Adidas skibril op sterkte. Voor de helft van de prijs.
De ervaring is ook top. Perfect zicht over de hele breedte en diepte van de piste. Sluit perfect aan op de helm. Kortom; absolute aanrader voor de brildragende skiër. 👍🏻

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
James Fleming (Dubai, AE)
Strongly recommend

These are probably one of the best value ski items I have ever purchased.

If you’ve tried and failed with prescription inserts and ski goggles - I strongly recommend you give these a try. In 8 days on the mountain fogging was minimal - the only time I did experience it was when normal goggles were fogging up at the same time.

Given the chance I would purchase again.

Ottho Goggles with prescription
Herve Robin (Central, HK)
very good solution for goggle with correction

very quick delivery, very good solution, no fog, and comfortable.

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Kim Rankin (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Magnus Goggle with prescription.

Apart from the fact that these goggles are amazing and allowed my son to ski daily with no fogging and great vision - this company went above and beyond to help him get them in time for his vacation. Sent them direct to the hotel and made sure they arrived in time for him. Blown away by their efficiency and service. KR

These goggles are absolutely amazing!

I can’t say enough great things about these goggles. I wear glasses for distance vision and up to this point had never been able to solve the problem of my goggles fogging up. I must have tried a dozen different sprays, and I even tried a pair of goggles with a tiny integrated fan. Nothing worked adequately. I had no fogging issues with the Magnus goggles and the corrective lenses worked great. They are amazing!!!

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Tessie Che (Minden, US)
Super SnowVision

Excellent Product + Excellent Quality! After years of struggling with poorly fitting OTG goggles which uncomfortably pressed my prescription glasses against my face and fogged up to the point of blindness, I was so happy to discover Snowvision's Magnus goggle with prescription. The customer service experience (with Wim) was enjoyable because all my questions/requests were answered in a timely and professional manner. Each and every day that I use these goggles - I feel like I am skiing with Super SnowVision!

prescription goggles

These goggle work great!
exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend for those needing corrective lenses.

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Jai C (Chevy Chase, US)
Excellent Prescription Goggles

I used these prescription goggles for the first time this week in Utah and was very happy with them. Conditions included mainly cloudy skies, snow showers, a powder day with heavy snow, and a blue bird day. The goggles handled the varied conditions beautifully. I especially like that the prescription is integrated with the goggle lens (unlike my previous goggles, which had a prescription insert). My vision through the goggles was excellent, and there was no fogging with good airflow. The goggles are also very comfortable, although toward the end of a ski day I experienced mild discomfort in the bridge area but this might well be because of the shape of my nose! Finally, the ordering and delivery process was very smooth. In sum, I highly recommend these goggles.

Ottho Goggles with prescription
Ora J.R. (Seattle, US)
Excellent Product and Top Notch Customer Service

These goggles completely changed skiing for me. With inserts I was constantly having fog problems, but since buying these goggles I have never had a problem with fog. Our dog chewed the strap on my first pair just a couple weeks before a big ski trip and the owner of the company expedited my order for a new one. Highly recommended!

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Sue Smith (Vancouver, CA)
Skiing Whistler

Great in the many conditions experienced over the last week: snow, rain, fog and brilliant sunshine.

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Ruud Gybels (Meerhout, BE)
Great goggles

When Wim pitched this idea to me a few years ago, it totally made sense to me. I was wearing glasses myself, but not a skier yet. My eyes are not too bad, but after skiing 2 years ago with a regular goggle or prescription sunglasses, I definitely had a preference for the second one. Going on winter sports again this year I thought again of SnowVision and they totally met expectations.

After telling this to my girlfriend who is using contact lenses for skiing, she is also going for a Snowvision goggle next season.

Totally recommended and keep up the good work!

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
dean gagnon (Ruislip, GB)

Excellent service. The folks at snowvision went above and beyond to get the Google’s to me. The goggles are really good, it is so nice to be able to see clearly when skiing. I think the goggles fog up a bit quicker than my previous goggles, but they de-fog almost instantly when there is a bit of airflow through the goggle. I am 100% happy and recommend these goggles.

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Peter Poon from Vancouver (Richmond, CA)
Nice snow goggle for snowboarding

I tried today at Cypress with zero degree and sunshine. It didn't get foggy and could keep my vision clear even I took off for a while and wore it again. It is a perfect goggle for someone wearing glasses but cannot wear contact lens.

Ski Goggle with prescription - Magnus
Kay Lamers (Utrecht, NL)
Magnus goggle with prescription

The best snowboard experience I've had, clear sharp sight. The photochromatic lens adapts to the light intensity and even under foggy weather the lenses stay absolutely clear while moving down the slopes, another good investment in good equipment.

Ski Goggle - Magnus
Ignacio Boudou (Brussels, BE)
No fog

First pair I buy that don't get fogged..

Great product

I was very pleased with my Snow Vision goggles. The corrective lenses worked perfectly and my vision was crisp. The customer service was fantastic.

Perfect goggle for prescription

The ski goggles are really perfect, they don't fume constantly and skiing from clouds to full sun and then back to clouds/fog is no problem at all. No more hassle with changing prescription glasses or choosing the right lens in the ski goggles.

Smooth and clear communication when purchasing and shipping.

ski experience with Ottho Snow Goggle (Red)

The glasses fog up less and there are no problems with deformation of your glasses under traditional goggles. Due to face masks, fogging of the glasses cannot be prevented. During snowy spells you don't have issues with snow between your glasses and the goggles. Clear vision.

Perfect to my subscription, had a wonderfull ski holiday because of these

  • Quel est le délai de livraison environ ?

    Le délai de livraison moyen pour l'UE est de 1 semaine.
    Le délai de livraison moyen pour les États-Unis est de 2 semaines.
    Selon votre ordonnance. Indication de l'heure uniquement applicable pour les verres unifocaux dans la plage standard +-6 et le cylindre +-2

  • Quelle est la différence entre les lunettes Ottho et Magnus ?

    La différence réside dans quelques éléments. Le Magnus est un cadre plus grand et nos lunettes de nouvelle génération. Il a une mousse triple couche au niveau du visage au lieu de la mousse 1 couche de l'Ottho. À côté de cela, les trous de ventilation sont plus grands, donc plus d'air frais entre. Concernant les verres correcteurs, la distance vers les yeux est la même dans l'Ottho que dans la Magnus. Il n'y aura donc aucune différence dans l'aspect visuel, cependant, l'objectif utilisé dans Magnus est un objectif de nouvelle génération.

Le masque SnowVision expliqué !

  • Vue nette et stable

    Comme vos lunettes sont fixées à l'intérieur du masque, tout comme votre point de focalisation, vous profiterez d'une vue nette et stable.

  • Pas de brouillard!

    Oubliez l'idée de secouer vos lunettes, de ne pas voir clair et de vous déplacer dangereusement sur la neige. Grâce à la solution brevetée à double lentille, la buée ne peut pas pénétrer dans les lentilles.  
  • Large plage optique

    SnowVision propose un masque unifocal et multifocal fabriqué sur commande, avec une correction intégrée allant de -9 (myopie) à +9 (hypermétropie), soit la plus large gamme disponible actuellement sur le marché. Cela signifie que la grande majorité des porteurs de lunettes peuvent porter le masque SnowVision.

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